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             on TWO CD's
 Included are . . .
216 Chalk Pictures, 48 with black light.
     107 Skies
     83 Water and Reflections
     17 Rocks
     39 Trees
     25 Mountains
     53 Crosses
     43 Jesus
     24 Sheep
     38 Galaxy
     77 Mixed
     99 Bible themes
     32 Lighthouses
     21 Perspective
     13 Snow
     75 Eagles
 Artists include Ding & David Teuling, Matt Bowman,
Ray Dombeck, Esther Frye, Peggy Esher,
Wanda Vincent, Darlene Theises, Terry Martin,
Hershel Thornburg, Rachael
Browning, Bill Gothard, and others.
                 ALL FOR 29.95  (Plus $3 shipping)
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Ideas for using the Pictures
 1. Take CD to any photo store and make prints for picture ideas
 2. You can print out pictures on your computer printer to  
      whatever size you like to work with.
 3. Use photos or computer prints in an opaque projector to trace  
      off elements for a chalk picture composition.
 4. Make a transparency on your computer printer and use it with
      an overhead projector.
 5. If you have access to a digital video projector, project pictures
      directly from your computer.
 6. Display pictures on your TV if it works as a monitor.
 7. Set up your computer in the slide show mode and enjoy
      watching the pictures on your computer or TV.
 8. Extract some of the pictures from the CD into your computer
      and arrange them into a series to teach a Bible lesson.
 9. Go to a copy center and have one or more of the pictures
      enlarged to poster size to hang on your wall or give away as a
      gift. You can buy some cheap frames at Wal-Mart.
10. You can load the pictures into an electronic picture frame
      viewer to set on your desk or in your living room for guests to
      enjoy while they are waiting for you to prepare the meal.
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